Saturday, April 9, 2011


This story; known by many students of the Scriptures is one which has a deeper meaning than what some may glean from its surface. So today, we will look at the surface meaning as we follow this ‘Stranger’ who is …….Drawing Near.


Our story begins in the country of the Gergesenes (Strongs# G1086) = ‘a stranger drawing near’.  Yahshua had calmed the tumultuous sea, the night before, he lands, at the break of dawn on the eastern side of the Lake Gennesaret.gennesaret 

And suddenly there appeared two men running at top speed towards Him . They appeared more savage then human; for they were men possessed of devils and severely tormented had cut themselves with stones (Mark 5:5). He speaks peace to these benighted souls and the demons depart and leave their former victims sitting at the Saviors feet. (Lk.8:35)The demons request permission to enter into a nearby herd of swine to which Yahshua permits them. They enter the swine and drive them  down a steep place into the sea and they are drowned.

The citizens of the place learn about the deliverance of the demoniacs and the subsequent destruction of the herd of swine after which they ask Yahshua to leave their country. Yahshua leaves with His disciples; leaving behind two monuments of His love and power; for the purpose of telling and re-telling the story far and wide of their deliverance from the demons by the ‘Stranger Drawing Near’.


And What are some of  the immediate lessons to be learned from this story?

1.That Yahshua the Messiah, in His role as Messiah was fulfilling His mission of coming to deliver the captives from the possession of Satan (Isa. 49:25;Isa. 61:1; Lk.4:18;) 

2.  The principalities and powers of Satan recognize and submit to the supreme authority of Yahshua. (Matt.8:29; Lk. 8:28)

3.  Therefore the powers of darkness are subject to all who submit to the authority of Yahshua being ‘joint heirs with Him’ and to whom He has promised authority over the Devil and his dominion.(Lk.9:1;Rom.8:17)

4.  In being set free from the power of Satan we receive a commission to go and tell what great things Elohim hath done for us. (Lk.8:39)

5.  In the deliverance from Satan’s power we are ‘sitting 'at Yahshua’s feet{ Lk.8:35}  (a position of humility and as a learner and student of Him and His Word.)

6.  In the deliverance wrought for the two demoniacs we see ourselves ‘clothed’ not naked. (Lk.8:35; Rev.3:18)

7.  We are given a right mind (Lk.8:35) which is the mind of Yahshua (Phil.2:5)

The number 7 represents completeness and we are complete in Him. (Col.2:10)


(……….to be continued……….)


  1. Heather Harris said,

    Hi Yuri!

    I enjoyed reading this post, and specifically took notice of #5. I've been dwelling on the thought of the Lord Jesus Christ as our Discipler and we as His disciples. Luke 8:35 is a reminder of an important aspect of our position in Him that I think I lose sight of sometimes. He is our one and only Master, and we are His "learners" at His feet, who yearn to be perfectly trained in Him..."The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master." -Luke 6:40. Thanks for sharing this, very encouraging!

  2. Heather,

    Shalom and thank you for your encouraging comment and your reference verse of Lk.6:40

    Shalom In Yahshua Messiah.