Friday, July 2, 2010

The Call By The Sea

As Yeshua was walking by the Sea of Galilee He came across to men Simon and Andrew. The were casting their net into the sea to catch fish; for they were fishermen.

Flatts Village (Where our Family Boat was moored) [photograph by Wikipedia]
A fisher's life is not an easy one. This I know from personal experience. My grandfather and step father were fisherman. I have other extended family members who are also fishermen. Some of my early memories is that of seeing my father arise at 4:45am and be out in our nearby barn with crowbar in hand prying out bagged bait from the sides and bottom of the deep freezers. After this arduous task, the bait was put into old paint buckets and carried; by hand down to the boat which was about 1/4 mile away. The way to the boats was a short cut and it was a dark and slippery path. But having gone down there many times we can traverse it's windy downward path in almost total darkness because you would know where the rocky out crops are and know exactly where to put your foot so as to get the best footing.

Once at the boat, we would quickly get the bait into large coolers; and if we got fuel the night before, we would head out to sea. On the way we would need to organize the deck and get everything ready for hauling the large fish pots which were way out of from the shore. (9-12miles) Once we got to the pots we would start the winch and began hauling up to 20 or more pots; empty out the fish and reset it and go to the next one. After all this was done we then would either stay out there and clean up 1-200 pounds of fish or do it at the dock back home;either way it was a lot of work. And all this was done in the hot summer sun. (my summer job) for several years. The gutting, filleting, boning, and cleaning  would take from around 2:00pm to 8:00pm. Then it was getting it back to the barn and into the freezer or selling it to customers while at the dock.

If we went out to do hand line fishing, we would need  get up very early, get to the punt near the larger fishing boat, and row around the inlet shore and search for bait to catch in our nets. When we found the bait, we would set the net, then pull it in, and then fill the large tubs with it; bag the bait and transport the unused portion back to the barn freezers and then head back to the boat with fresh bait in hand and go out fishing. Often we would arrive back at the dock at dusk and sometimes as late as 11:00pm; then clean the fish, and take them to the restaurants or hotels if they needed it urgently.

So the life of a fisherman is not easy. Not to mention if you did not catch much. The cost of fuel in Bermuda is around $2.00/liter (or $7.70/gal.)(2008 price). And even back then (when I was a boy) gas was not cheap. And yes many of the fisherman here, like in other places are rough man.

But what was it that caught Yeshua's eye about Simon and Andrew? What did Yeshua see in these uneducated lower class men? What so impressed Him that He would extend such an honored invitation for them to learn of the greatest Teacher the world has ever seen? I personally believe that Yeshua saw in these apparently unpromising fisherman a teachable spirit; men who would allow themselves to come under the tutelage of One who is infinite in wisdom and knowledge.  They did not; like the rabbi's, scribes and Pharisees, think themselves too learned or wise to be taught by a carpenter. They did not think themselves to wise to hear instruction. Yes, they had issues; like we all do, but Yeshua was endowed with infinite Love and wisdom; and thus He knew that over time they would come to understand many things and become softened and subdued by Divine grace and thus be fitted for the most important work given to mortals. The same energy and hard labor and arduous effort needed to etch out the life of a fisherman, Yeshua would use, combined with His winning love and meekness to make them now........fishers of man. For they were open to divine influences and they saw in Yeshua, such sterling, and loving  mien, such compassion and meekness blended with full consciousness of Infinite Power, that as He looked into their very soul, (for His eyes are like a flame of fire piercing the night of the soul) and with rich musical voice He said follow me, they left all, and quickly followed Him.

And He said.............  "..... and I will make you fishers of men." 

What think ye of Messiah....He is altogether lovely.

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