Thursday, August 26, 2010


I was listening to some of my favorite songs tonight and thought to share some of them with you. I listen to a range of good Yahshua centered music; but I must make an admission that the ones I'm going to share tonight are my very best. They seem to bring my poor and tempted soul into the very presence of Yahshua.......The KING OF GLORY.

My Favorites:

1. Love Lifted Me -----(by Beth Horton Barnard)-----from the CD Joy Overflowing {which I'm listening to now} and on a scale of 1-10 it gets an easy<----> {do you understand that?}. It speaks of the INFINITE LOVE of YAHSHUA firstly, and then of my life in response to that Love.......HE is Infinite in love.....and this song ....the music .....the voice ....lifts the soul to the very presence of Infinite Love and Ultimate kindness........Amein, Amein.....( I listen to this song 4or 5 times and I never get weary of hearing is ABSOLUTELY wonderful.

2.  The Only Key----(by Beth Horton Barnard)----from the CD Joy Overflowing.......This transports the faithful listener to the Future immortal home through the precious blood of Yahshua----The Only Key to Shamayim (Heaven).

3. This Is The Day Which The Lord Has Made------(by Beth Horton Barnard)----from the CD Joy Overflowing........Words are simply too feeble to tell of the Sweetness of YAHSHUA'S Love as portrayed in this song......I'm sorry please forgive me.....I cannot speak out the sweetness of Him who is Wonderful in Power and Love....Infinite In wisdom.....I'm sorry........It sings of Yahshua being the Rose of Sharon.....again this gets a 20 of 10. As a matter of fact the essence of Yahshua's love that this song captures is <....> if you can comprehend that symbol. (meditate upon Yahshua  in the Shamayim and you will see Him there) by faith

4.  The next song is a  song but not a song but an excellent video of animal choreography..set to music; the most blessed, which speaks of The MASTER CREATOR YAHSHUA  Himself; for no other can Create and none other can love creation like HIM. And if I think of the horrendous things being done to our animals that YHWH made when I bear this song/video clip in mind I weep.....for YHWH to have to see such cruelty to them is almost more than I can bear to see. The video is per excellent. It can be found at ....    IF you see this you'll NEVER be the same again.

5.  Hallelujah! What a Savior---byMathew Burtner.....The Sands of Time Are Sinking, I Could Not Do Without Thee......all are on the Instrumental CD Hear My Prayer......What else can I say.....but Absolutely beautiful Music.....All about our Savior and His LOVE for US.

There you have it everyone; my absolute favorites. Most all songs of Yahshua and His Cross are winners with me; if done right.

I've been taking some of this music with me on my daily journeys to the secret prayer retreats; and playing them as I look out at the vast expanse of ocean, and sky. Sometimes I just listen to the birds and sounds of nature as all things happen along on the air, ocean, and grass of a new dawn of the Savior's love and compassion to us. 

Shalom My friends and Good Night.......for the day cometh......and also the night.....amein amein....

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  1. Yuri, I love that song too!
    God bless you as you serve Him.
    NikonSniper Steve

    I was sinkin' deep in sin
    Far from the peaceful shore
    Very deeply stained within
    Sinking to rise no more.
    But the master of the sea
    Heard my despairing cry
    And from the waters lifted me
    Now safe am I.

    Love lifted me
    Love lifted me
    When nothing else could help
    Love lifted me.

    All my heart to him I give
    Ever to him I'll cling
    In his blessed presence live
    Ever his praises sing.
    Love so mighty and so true
    Merits my soul's best song
    Faithful, loving service too
    To him belongs

    Love lifted me
    Love lifted me
    When nothing else could help
    Love lifted me.

    Love lifted me
    Love lifted me
    When nothing else could help
    Love lifted me.