Monday, August 23, 2010


For all you new comers I thought it good to introduce you; by way of this re- post of  the introduction to Arrested For Sedition. (my sister blog) I hope you are spiritually fed from the stream of love that follows from our Elohim and His dearly beloved Yahshua; the King of Glory.

Shalom In Messiah.

It was midnight,and the darkest hour in earth's history had come; the brightness of the full moon made distinct the forms of 12 men in a secluded garden; the Leader, had concluded His final struggle with the hidden powers of darkness, He had gained His final endowment of strength to meet His final cup of suffering.....and now He stands, in advance of His followers, to meet the armed policemen, who had for years thirsted for His blood.

The alleged crime was sedition against the government. The place of arrest, Gethsemane,the One arrested Yeshua of Nazareth, the verdict, guilty, the punishment........DEATH BY CRUCIFIXION.

Arrested, Tried, & Crucified by murderous hands, this is the story about the greatest crime ever committed, by the greatest number of murderers ever convicted, by the most corrupt court ever convined, towards the greatest King ever born, and the most innocent defendant whoever stood trail.

I invite you to join me on this journey of rediscovery of the facts surrounding the arrest, trial, and condemnation of Yeshua of Nazareth. This is not only a retelling of the story, familiar to some, but we seek to acquaint you with new, and fresh insights and new revelations into the crime, the crime scene, and its importance to us today.

We seek to draw clear and distinct parallels, between Yeshua's arrest, and the coming arrest of all who; like Him, are bought to court for charges of which they are not guilty. We explore the questions of why is the details of His arrest, trial and death sentence important to us? What will be the charges of all who follow Him here in the end of time be? Who will bring the charges against us? And for What purpose? Who would be the Judas? Who would be the Judges, who would be the executioners of our time as we prepare for the reenactment (on a world wide scale) of the same scenes presented in Yeshua's arrest, trial and death.

  What was His response to all the false allegations, His betrayer, to His denier, to His enemies, to His sympathizer's, and His friends......and what should our responses be?   All this, and more, we wish to acquaint  you with, so we can all have the kind of practical spiritual preparation required to meet the coming crisis..... as Yeshua did.

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